What to eat in Jamaica? 3 Most Popular Jamaican Meat Dishes

Last update: Thu Sep 14 2023

The Caribbean island of Jamaica is usually associated with white palm-shaded beaches, the smell of ganja weed, and the fragrance of allspice, thyme, and fried coconut oil drifting through the air. The warm tropical waters, swamps, and rivers provide turtle, lobster, crabs, kingfish, oysters, and crayfish, but most locals (except the veggie-loving Rastafarians) also love beef, mutton, poultry, and pork, all available at local markets. West African influence on Jamaican cuisine can be seen and tasted in classics like jerk sauce and jerk pork, while Chinese influence is obvious in modern Jamaican favorites such as jerk chow mein. And although seafood and fish-based dishes might appear more regularly on local menus, not many people can resist visiting the famous Jamaican jerk huts and shacks to try pork, chicken, or beef cooked over a fire pit or on a grill.

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Jamaican Meat Dishes